3 Reasons Why You May Want To Send Your Child To Private School

15 November 2017
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If you have your child in public school and are thinking about making the switch to private school, then you will be interested in learning about some of the great reasons for doing so. There are some benefits to sending your child to private school that you won't get with public school, or that you won't get to the same degree. Here are 3 reasons why you may want to follow through with sending your kid to a private school rather than a public one:

1: Private schools are known for smaller class sizes

One of the major differences between public and private schools is public schools usually have a lot more children in each class than private schools. The exception to this can be when you have your child in a public school in a small community. However, when it comes to city living it can be common to have more than 35 students in a single classroom. When you have this many students and one teacher, it doesn't allow each child to get the one-on-one they sometimes need in order to fully understand the material being taught. The smaller class sizes at private schools allows for each student to get that special attention.

2: Private schools can offer religious teachings

When your child is in public school they won't learn anything about religion and they can even learn things that go against their religion. This is due to the separation of church and state. If you are non-religious, or you believe that religion should only be handled by the family, then you may like this. However, if you would like your child's teachings to include your religious belief system then private school is the way for you to ensure this is being done. There are private schools that revolve around just about all religions, so you can enroll your child in the right one for your family beliefs. However, there are also private schools that don't teach religion, but still offer you the other benefits of going with a private school.

3: Private schools can include much more parent involvement

While there are things you can do to get involved at a public school, such as joining the PTA and getting involved in fund raisers, private schools can allow you to be even more involved. Private schools really like to hear from the parents and they are open to including parental ideas into their schedule, where public schools have to go through a lot of red tape to add something new.