Participate In An Art Activity With Your Toddler That Will Teach Them About Colors And Textures

6 September 2017
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If you are attempting to introduce colors and textures to your toddler prior to them beginning a preschool program this fall, the following activity that involves adding craft paint and embellishments to wax paper will entertain your child and teach them at the same time. After your child completes the project, frame their creation before hanging it up.  Materials smock newspaper sheets wax paper scissors craft paint (all the colors of the rainbow) paintbrushes (various widths) shallow dishes sponges fabric scraps cotton balls embellishments (sequins, wiggly eyes, buttons, glitter) craft glue cotton swabs acrylic craft spray card stock ruler tape Set Up A Work Area And Describe The Project To Your Child Read More 

Bringing Workplace Technology Skills To General Education Systems

10 August 2017
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A well-rounded student sounds good on paper and is certainly a standard to work towards, in tough economic times, and difficult career choices can leave well-rounded students with a lot of potential going in no direction. There are many disciplines to choose from, but one particularly lucrative and non-committal career and study path has been changing the world for the better. Here are a few ways to deliver tech industry learning to general education students in a way that doesn't jeopardize bigger learning plans or bind students into something they may not like in the long term: Read More 

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Driver’s Education

8 July 2017
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Learning how to can be a fun and exciting time. This is something you'll need to know how to do the rest of your life if you wish to remain independent and get to where you need to go. The good news is you can take a driver's education class in high school. These are typically offered at no charge to students and is where you will begin in learning how to drive. Read More 

How To Decide If A Career In A Medical Office Is Right For You

24 June 2017
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Before you sign up to take part in one of the local medical office administration programs in your area, you will want to learn more about this type of career. This way, you can know for sure whether it is the best career for you. Simply review the following points about this field so you can make the best decision regarding your upcoming schooling options. You Don't Have To Work Many Holidays Or Weekends Read More 

Summer Fun To Teach Your Little Ones

6 June 2017
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With summer quickly approaching, your little ones will be home for the summer. You don't want all of that knowledge learned during the school year to be forgotten, but still want your child to enjoy their summer vacation. There are some fun ways to help teach your child over summer, without your child feeling like they are back in a classroom. See below for some fun ways to teach your child over summer. Read More