Summer Fun To Teach Your Little Ones

6 June 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


With summer quickly approaching, your little ones will be home for the summer. You don't want all of that knowledge learned during the school year to be forgotten, but still want your child to enjoy their summer vacation. There are some fun ways to help teach your child over summer, without your child feeling like they are back in a classroom. See below for some fun ways to teach your child over summer.

Color Hunt

For younger kids, even colors can be quickly forgotten. Keep colors on their brain by having fun with them. Take your child on a color hunt. Give your child a color and have him run through the yard to find you something of that color. Have him collect the items and put them into a pail or lay them out on the ground. You can do a color hunt in your yard, while out on a walk/bike ride, or when driving on a road trip.


Take your child to the beach and have him help you count the birds on the beach, count how many people or dogs you see, or count out the sea shells you have found. Use the wet sand to write numbers, or even your child's name. 


Take your child to the library this summer and allow him to pick out a book or two to check out and read. Have your child get his own library card to check out books in his own name. Then give him plenty of time to look around at the different books to see which ones he may be interested in. Take time to read some books together at the library, or stay for story time if your library offers this service.

Following Directions

This is a big one that can be quickly forgotten over summer. Help your child listen and follow instructions by playing fun games such as red light/green light. Have your child run, then yell out red light to have him stop or green light to go again. If he fails to stop he has to take two steps back. Turn it into a race to make it more fun. Other games such as board games and card games can help with following directions, as well as help teach your child other things such as numbers, counting, reading and taking turns. 

Summer is a fun time for everyone, but it can also be a time where things learned at school can be forgotten. Don't let this happen. Keep summer fun, but keep your child learning. Visit a website like for more information.